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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Bodye Beautiful Unique?

There are hundreds of skin brightening and lightening products in the market but  "research" sets us apart from the rest.

In order to harness the true power of an active ingredient,great care must be taken when manufacturing ,light and air can easily deteriorate substances like Kojic acid .We take great  effort to micronize and filter all our active ingredients and extract for superior efficiency.

When will I notice the results?

Results may vary depending on your skin type, most people notice visible results between 5-7 days of consistent “correct” use and some might start to see results after 2 weeks.

Does Bodye Beautiful work on all skin types?

Yes. We have solutions for all skin types (dry, oily or combination), ultimately leading to flawless nourished skin. 

Should Bodye Beautiful be applied precisely on the dark spots or in the general area of affected skin?

It is advised to apply products on areas that need to be cleared up, it can also be applied on general areas of your skin for overall safe skin brightening/lightening.

How do I know what to buy?

Every product listed on our website states exactly what it does, with directions for usage.

Are Bodye beautiful products safe to use?

Bodye beautiful by Queen Loveth contains natural and safe ingredients.

How do I know when to stop?

You may discontinue use after achieving your desired skin tone/gotten rid of dark spots. We however recommend that you continue occasional use to maintain results. To ensure permanent results, do not expose your skin to the sun.

Can Bodye Beautiful be used by both men and women?

Our products have being proven to work on all skin types,race and gender

How does Bodye Beautiful work on the skin or lighten the skin?

Bodye Beautiful gently exfoliates your skin to allow a new and healthy skin layer, it cleans and clears out skin by removing bacteria and other unwanted components like dead skin, that causes buildup on your skin. It also blocks the excessive production of oil on your skin. It also blocks the excessive production of melanin there by making the skin easier to absorb our cream which is very effective in achieving brighter/lighter skin.

What results can I expect from using Bodye Beautiful products?

Results include healthy polished, nourished, moisturised skin. Blemish free and even toned lighter and brighter skin, eliminating all forms of hyperpigmentation which ordinarily cannot be treated without lightening the affected areas, our products have been approved and tested by dermatologists and are safe for all skin types.

What are the side effects of using Bodye Beautiful products?

There are no negative side effects to using Bodye Beautiful products. However, most scrubs and soaps have some exfoliants which might cause some tingling, peeling on areas applied. This is normal as the product affects positive change on your skin.

How long will an order of Bodye Beautiful last?

An average of 4 weeks for most pack sizes through diligent use.

Will Bodye Beautiful give me permanent results?

Yes, Bodye Beautiful products ensure permanent results.

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