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Bihaku Whitening Booster, a specially formulated product designed to address the needs of stubborn skin. This booster is specifically crafted to soften the skin and enhance the effectiveness of other skincare products ensuring maximum efficacy in your routine.
Ideal for individuals with stubborn skin concerns or those who have noticed a plateau in the effectiveness of their current skincare regimen, our Bihaku Whitening Booster offers a powerful solution.
Formulated with the combination of alpha arbutin and L-glutathione, this booster delivers potent and proven ingredients known for their skin-whitening properties. Unlock the secret to achieving a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion with our Bihaku Whitening Booster. 



Alpha-Arbutin, L-Glutathione ,niacinamide (vitamin B3), carrot juice, papaya,fruit acids, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, E and A, essential oil, cyclopentasiloxane.


0.44 Pounds
  • Step 1: After your bath, ensure your skin is still damp.

    Step 2: Gently apply the product all over your damp skin before bedtime.

    Step 3: For optimal results, consider combining this product with Bihaku hot oil.

    Achieve the best results by following this easy routine. Your skin will thank you!

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