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The ultimate solution for achieving a glowing, flawless face void of dark spots and sebum acne. This luxurious face cream is specially formulated to provide extraordinary results, helping you attain the coveted glass skin look with mesmerizing radiance and impeccable clarity.



Rice water, camellia sinensis leaf extract, Lycium barbarum,
vitis vinifera, isopropyl palmitate, niacinamide, glycerin, sorbitan olivate, citric acid, ascorbic acid, L-Glutathione and Gigawhite Complex


0.11 Pounds
  • To achieve optimal results with our Diamond Glass Skin Face Cream and unlock the radiant, flawless complexion it offers, follow these simple directions:


    1. Cleanse: After washing your face with any preferred Bodye Beautiful face wash of choice to remove any dirt, oil, or impurities. Pat dry with a clean towel.
    2. Dispense a small amount of diamond glass skin face cream onto fingertips. Start with a pea-sized amount, as a little goes a long way.
    3. Apply to your face: Dot the cream onto your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Gently spread the cream across your face using upward and outward motions. Focus on areas where you desire a radiant and flawless finish.
    4. Massage and blend: Using your fingertips, massage the cream into your skin in circular motions. Ensure even coverage and smooth blending, allowing the cream to absorb fully.
    5. Target dark spots: For dark spots or areas of uneven skin tone, apply an extra layer of cream to those specific areas. Massage in a circular motion to enhance absorption.
    6. Allow it to absorb: Give the cream a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin. This allows the nourishing ingredients to work their magic, leaving your skin with a luminous glow and a flawless appearance.
    7. Daily use: For best results, use the Diamond Glass Skin Face Cream twice daily, in the morning and evening, as part of your skincare routine. Ensure to use sunscreen in the day before sun exposure 

    Enjoy the transformative effects of our Diamond Glass Skin Face Cream as it illuminates your complexion, providing a radiant and flawless finish. Embrace the confidence that comes with a luminous, glass-like complexion and let your skin shine with its newfound brilliance. Unlock the magic of our exceptional face cream and embark on a journey to flawless, glass skin.

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