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Himala nature's repair lotion also know as a miracle cream prevents and fades the appearance of stretch marks, Green veins and blemishes. It stimulates the collagen fibers biosynthesis for a firmer and healthier skin. This Skin corrector contains snail slime that can prevent and eliminate wrinkles,scars and blemishes



Aqua, Cabomer, asperse extracts, glycerin, Isopropyl, Getrimide, Aloe vera, Glycol, Propylene, Mineral oil, Sodium sulfite, Carbomer, Collagen, helix aspersa, fragrance, Snail slime, avocado oil, grape seed oil, Rose hip oil, butyrosperum Parkii ( Shea butter).

HIMALA "Miracle" stretchmark & Repair Cream

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1.1 Pounds