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Embark on a transformative journey to radiant beauty with our Ultimate Whitening & Repair Set.


This comprehensive set includes:


  1. Paputiin Face Wash.
  2. Thai Snow White Face Toner.
  3. Walang Kamali Sunburn Cream.
  4. Paputiin Face Cream
  5. Thai Snow White Scrub.
  6. Panghuli Whitening Bath Wash.
  7. Panghuli Whitening Cream.
  8. Bihaku Whitening Oil.
  9. Mahika "Magic" Whitener.
  10. Walang Kamali Vein Vanish.
  11. Himala Repair and Stretch Marks Lotion.
  12. Mahika Dark Hand and Feet Wash.


11.03 Pounds
  • Direction for Use - Face Products

    Paputiin Face Wash:

    1. Apply a few pumps in circular motion on damp face. 
    2. Wash and rinse off gently.
    3. Dab face with a clean towel.

    Thai Snow White Face Toner:

    1. Spray on your face with closed eyes.
    2. Apply on cotton wool and wipe face in circular motion.
    3. Wait for 60 seconds before applying face cream.

    Walang Kamali Sunburn Cream:

    1. Apply evenly to sun-exposed areas.

    Paputiin Face Cream:

    1. Apply face cream evenly.

    Direction for Use - Body Products:

    Thai Snow White Scrub:

    1. Wet your skin before a bath 
    2. Apply in circular motion concentrating on problem areas,
    3. leave for 20 mins, then wash off.
    4. Use 2-3 times a week.

    Panghuli Whitening Bath Wash:

    1. Apply all over the body, wait for 5 mins before washing off (morning and night).

    Panghuli Whitening Cream:

    1. Apply body cream in circular motion on damp skin, morning and night.

    Bihaku Whitening Oil:

    1. Apply on damp skin. If combining with body cream, apply cream first, wait for 5 mins, then apply oil.

    Mahika "Magic" Whitener:

    1. Apply 4-5 times daily on affected areas.
    2. At night, apply a thicker coat on affected areas and leave to dry till morning.

    Walang Kamali Vein Vanish:

    1. Apply on affected area.

    Himala Repair and Stretch Marks Lotion:

    1. Apply on affected area, can also be used as a day lotion.

    Mahika Dark Hand and Feet Wash:

    1. Soak hands or feet before exfoliating.
    2. Can be used as a daily hand wash, but be cautious as it contains charcoal and may stain
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